Is There A Law Requiring Bosses To Pay For Overtime?

In case you are wondering whether or not your employers should give you overtime pay. It is important that you get to learn about what the rules are supposed to be when you are working more hours than you are supposed to be.

When it comes to your employer, the federal and state laws actually require that most employers need to pay overtime. There is the overtime premium that is 50% of the employee’s regular wage per hour. An employee who works overtime need to be paid in time and a half of his hourly wage and there is also 50% of the overtime premium.

Are There Any Exceptions When It Comes To These Types Of Laws?

There are places like RMW that can help you understand what are the things that you should be aware of especially when you are subjected to overtime work by your employers.

The laws don’t have a lot of exceptions so this means that not every employee will be entitled to overtime, there are employees that can be eligible for overtime and they are what you call as nonexempt employees. Then you also have those who are not eligible who are called as exempt employees.

What Qualifies As Overtime Work

There is a weekly overtime standard that is mostly imposed by the federal and most laws. Nonexempt employees are very much entitled to have an overtime for every hour that is 40 per week that they work in. This is in regardless of how many hours they will be working in a day.

Furthermore, nonexempt employees can have overtime work for every hour that is beyond eight which they work for the day. This would also depend on which laws apply in the state that you are working in. Which is why it matters that you check the federal laws beforehand before considering any overtime work.